Engine Bay Multicolor Lighting Kit

Color Style: RGBW (multicolor + white)
Controller: Hybrid (Bluetooth + Handheld Remote)
Make It Brighter: No
Sale price$99.00



  • Adds Multicolor color-changing ability to your vehicle’s engine bay
  • Engine Bay Multicolor Lighting Kit - Fitted for your vehicle’s engine bay
  • Easy wiring with our JST plug and play connectors
  • High-Intensity 5050 SMD LEDs
  • Quality Engineered and Tested
  • Smartphone Control with optional Bluetooth Controller


Multicolor. Add RGBW, or flow series color-changing ability to your vehicle with our engineered fully waterproof engine bay LED lighting strips! These LED strips can be installed on any vehicle as an accent for your headlights, taillights, speakers, or anywhere else you'd like!  You can set them to any color imaginable or use any lighting mode offered by the controller.

Custom appearance. Our Engine Bay Multicolor Lighting Kit is primarily a cosmetic upgrade.

Color Style + Remote

Flow or RGBW Which is better?


Flow Series or Flow or Color Chasing is the newest LED Style and features the most head-turning effects and rainbow like, flowing dynamic color combinations. Flow is great for car shows, attention, etc. Flow is slightly more complex to operate as there are so many led modes. However, you can still choose solid colors RGB colors like red, green, blue, and yellow at will through our controller. Flow does not feature a pure white color chip but does feature a mixed or (blueish white color 6500k)

Flow Series or Color Chasing LEDS, also known as IC LEDs , incorporate an integrated circuit directly into the LED. This allows each LED to be controlled individually, enabling advanced visual effects such as color chasing and sequencing. IC LEDs are perfect for applications that require dynamic, customizable, and attention-grabbing lighting effects.


RGBW is more simple and sometimes brighter than Flow Series/ Color Chasing LEDS. RGBW is also sometimes cheaper than Flow/ Color chasing LEDs, making it an excellent option for someone who wants multicolor functionality without all the extra modes that Flow/ Color chasing offers.

RGBW stands for Red, Green, Blue, and White. This LED technology allows for the creation of a wide spectrum of colors by combining the primary colors red, green, blue, and also includes a dedicated white chip for pure white illumination. This makes RGBW LEDs ideal for situations that require both colorful and pure white lighting.

Controller options 

(2 in 1):  Hybrid Controller features Bluetooth Control + Wireless Handheld Remote

  • Bluetooth Control: Allows the user to control the Halo kit/ Led Lights via app on your phone! Our Ultra-responsive app gives you full control over the colors, modes, brightness, speed, and more! Your phone or smart device is the controller! 
  • RF Handheld Remote: “Radio Frequency” wireless remote features a quicker, easy to use solution for controlling your lights. Similar to a miniature tv remote. This remote option allows you to change colors, modes, brightness, and speed, at the quick click of a button. 


    • (1) 36", RGBW, or Flow Series Fully Waterproof Strip
    • (1) Extension wire
    • Optional Handheld Wireless remote or Bluetooth, for control right from your smartphone!
    • Easy wiring + Voltage regulators (drivers) + your choice of controller
    • Easy Plug and Play wiring + harnesses/drivers
    • Your choice of controller
    • Install guide + Access to Install Resources
    • Top-Notch Customer Support
    • Invitation to RGB Halo Kit's affiliate program (earn commissions for referrals)


    Installation Time: 1-2 hours 

    Installation Overview: Easily trimmed to your desired length and installs in seconds with the pro-grade 3m tape backing.

    Tools Needed: Basic Toolset

    Engine Bay Multicolor Lighting Kit Install Guide


    Universal Fitment: Fits any year, make, or Model Vehicle 


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