Flow Series Bluetooth Controller 4.0

Plug & Play Harness w/ Built in Bluetooth: 4 - Output Harness
What product is this controller for: Halo Kits/ DRL Kits/ Demon eyes
Sale price$69.99



Our newest addition to our flow series controller lineup, the Flow Series Bluetooth Controller 4.0!  Featuring New All in one harness + Waterproof Casing + 120 jaw dropping chasing patterns, full RGBW color slider and mode selection. 

Multi channel compatibility.  Now you are able to rename each controller within the app and simply control multichannel setups with ease.

Save your favorite colors and patterns into easy DIY favorites hot keys.

Flow series bluetooth controllers do require one of our Plug and Play Regulator  harnesses to function. If you are just looking to upgrade to an existing setup no added harness is needed. Simply unplug your old controller and plug this one in its place. 

Order Includes:

    • (1) Flow Series Bluetooth Controller 4.0
    • Optional plug and play harness 

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