LED Hexagon Garage Lighting Kit

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This is a hexagon patterned LED garage lighting system that brings the idea of lighting up your garage to a whole new level. The light spread from the pattern give you a comfortable visual experience while illuminating an entire garage bay. The LEDs are energy efficient, and there are many of them, so the power consumption of 552 watts is used for a stunning 70,000 lumens of light. If you're looking to light up your garage, or you have a shop that needs some dressing up, these lights are the answer. 

These lights can be screwed directly to your ceiling for easy installation. If you want to have them dropped from the ceiling, you will need to have a frame to attach the lights to and have the frame lowered from the ceiling. The lights are hardwired to your switched power in your home or business just like any other ceiling light. The lights are hung by the connecting brackets, please browse the image gallery on this page and you will see the connecting brackets have a hole in them to allow them to be hung with a screw or zip tie.

The outer rectangle and the inner hexagon pattern are essentially two different lights. The outer rectangle will have wire leads coming off of it, and the inner hexagon pattern will have separate wire leads coming off of it. You can tie these wires together and operate both the rectangle and the hexagon pattern on the same switch. Or you can supply different switched power to the rectangle and the hexagon pattern allowing you to either switch the rectangle on, or the hexagons on, or have both on. 

The outer rectangle is a separate light from the inner hexagon pattern. You can put the rectangle in a different location than the hexagon pattern if you choose.

These connect to regular household/business power, but you MUST wire them correctly or you risk burning out the entire light set. The red wire goes to your live wire. The blue wire goes to your neutral wire. The yellow wire goes to your earth ground. You MUST distinguish between your live and neutral wires by testing them, reversing them can burn out the entire set.

  • 15 feet 10 inches by 7 feet 11 inches with only 0.75 inch height
  • You can change the design. Please reference the instruction manual for the included parts.
  • Voltage: AC100-240V (can be wired directly to your home/office power)
  • Power: 552W
  • Luminous Flux: 70,000 lm
  • Color rendering index: >90
  • Correlated Color Temperature: 6500K (White)
  • These lights will not work on a dimmer
  • Materials: Aluminium+PC cover
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • CE Certified / RoHS Compliant / SAA Approved
  • Ship weight: 22 lbs.

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