Sequential Tailgate / Trunk Light bar

Size: 48 inch
Sale price$120.00



Our new LED Tailgate Bar is ideal for lighting up the back end of your ride! Our 60" LED Tailgate Strip feature a Reverse Light function (white), Brake Light function (red), along with driving and turn signal functions.

What is a light bar?

A lightbar is an off roading external light that will enhance the safety and brightness of your off roading experience. Light bars can come in different sizes according to your preference. They are also used for emergencies or safety depending on the purpose.

Select Size

Select your choice of Flow Series Light bar by our two different size options. With these options, you can customize your vehicle with your light bar length preference.


Rgb Halo Kits strives to offer the best experience for your LED customization needs. With many authorized dealers across America, we can get your car LED lights set up and professionally installed, or you can call us for any questions or concerns, or message us through the live chat on the installation process.

Order Includes

  • (1)  Sequential Stealth Tailgate Strip

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