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Transform Your Car with our Vibrant and Dynamic LED Toyota Emblem

✔️ #1 Most Head-turning Mod: prepare to get tons of compliments and looks
Flow/Color Chasing LEDs
: Newest LED tech featuring flowing 120+ effects
✔️ Bluetooth Controller: Control your LEDs with your Phone 
✔️ Enhanced Look: Makes your car stand out, adding an attractive unique and modern touch.
✔️ Easy Wiring: Features plug-and-play JST connectors
✔️ 100% Waterproof + Dustproof: Emblem is made to last and withstand harsh conditions
This Lit Logo allows for a custom color logo that is unlike anything else. Comes with all hardware and wiring needed.
Our logo is designed to fit on any OEM or aftermarket grill.

Color Style + Remote

Flow Series or Flow or Color Chasing is the newest LED Style and features the most head-turning effects and rainbow like, flowing dynamic color combinations. Flow is the best option with the most head turning and jaw dropping effects. Flow is slightly more complex to operate as there are so many led modes. However, you can still choose solid colors RGB colors like red, green, blue, purple, and yellow. Flow does not feature a pure white color chip but does feature a mixed (6500k) white color.

Flow Series or Color Chasing LEDS, also known as IC LEDs, incorporate an integrated circuit directly into the LED. This allows each LED to be controlled individually, enabling advanced visual effects such as color chasing and sequencing. IC LEDs are perfect for applications that require dynamic, customizable, and attention-grabbing lighting effects.

Controller Options

Bluetooth Control: Allows the user to control the Halo kit/ Led Lights via app on your phone! Our Ultra-responsive app gives you full control over the colors, modes, brightness, speed, and more! Your phone or smart device is the controller!

Order Includes

  • Flow LED TRS emblem
  • Impact and heat-resistant housing
  • Bluetooth controller that works via app (iOS + Android compatible)
  • Laser-cut frosted acrylic logo
  • Everything is connected with professional-grade crimping and heat shrink wrap for protection


If you plan to use the OEM grill or any mounting solution where you will place the logo on a flat surface, please download our Flat Surface PDF for the mounting solution.

If you plan to use an aftermarket mesh grill or any bumper with a mesh-style grill such as the FRS/GT86, please download our Mesh Grill PDF for the mounting solution.

If you own an aftermarket “fine mesh” style grill: The wiring connector is 13mm at its widest point. On a fine-mesh grill, you may need to snip one or two of the links to get the wire to fit through. Once installed, it will be fully covered up and the mesh links can be put back in place. OEM grills or grills with a hole larger than 13mm require no modifications. 

Vehicle Compatibility

This kit fits all years of TRD. Our logo is designed to fit on any OEM or aftermarket grill.


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